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Drainage Repairs


Are you tired of your drains getting blocked every now and then? Do you need a new drain installed or repaired? Is your home’s drainage system causing you trouble?


Drain pipes are a vital part of your home, yet we only think of them when they are choked. Blocked drains are indeed a nuisance and once you have them, they become an emergency plumbing problem that can’t wait! However, as the saying goes, prevention is the best cure; preventing blocked drains can save you a lot of trouble down the way.

Avoiding Drainage Problems

The best way to prevent blocked pipes is to keep foreign objects out of it. While hair, dinner leftovers, soap and grease are the most common causes of drains inside your home, tree roots and fallen leaves are the biggest enemies of the drains outside your house.


No matter how vigilant you may be, drains are prone to some level of damage over a period of time and there comes a point when your home’s drainage system just can’t take it anymore.


Common signs of Blocked Drains

If you can see water backing up from the drains, puddles of grey water surrounding the drain area, water not going down the toilet or wet patches in your backyard, you have a drainage problem that needs to be fixed right away!


Drainage Repair and Installation

As accredited and licensed drainage experts in Melbourne, we take the time to understand the problem by inspecting your entire drainage system and pin pointing the problem area, without the mess. We put together an action plan and clean and/or repair your system with minimum disruption to your property.


Our blocked drains repair and installation services include:

  • CCTV Camera Drain Inspection

  • Unlocking drain by clearing debris

  • Sewer Cleaning and Root Removal

  • New Drain Installation • Drain Repair and Relining

  • Replacing Parts of the Drainage System


When you contact Aqua Blu Plumbing for blocked drain repair and installation you can be sure that your residential or commercial property is in safe and professional hands.

For all drainage repair services, please request a booking below and we will get in touch with you to discuss your request as soon as possible.

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Providing Quality Drainage Repair Services to Commercial & Residential Clients in Melbourne 

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