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Gas Fitting


When it comes to gas fitting and gas installations in your home, you just can’t rely on the second best. 

Gas Leaks Detection & Repair

Gas safety should be one of the top priorities of home owners as not paying attention to gas leaks could result in significant health hazards and property damages. Poorly installed gas appliances or faulty appliances are the biggest cause of dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, fire and even explosions.


If you smell a leak, don’t wait! You need to fix the problem right away and take some safety precautions to avoid a fire related disaster on your property. If you detect a leak but are not sure about it, take the guess work out and call an emergency plumber to fix it right away.


Gas Appliances Repair and Replacement

Switching from electricity to gas appliances makes sense in the wake of rising energy prices. If you are planning to install a new gas appliances in your residential or commercial building, don’t let just anyone do it for you. Make sure you hire a licensed gas fitter, who possess a compliance and gas safety certificate to carry out the job to perfection and ensure your home and loved ones are safe.


Gas Appliance Installation

As with any other equipment or machine in your home, gas appliances are wear out which my result in gas leaks, improper working of the appliances, soot buildup requiring cleaning, too loose or too tight knobs and handles etc. Luckily, these are easy to fix but must be done by a professional.


As a licensed Gas Fitter in Melbourne we provide the following services:

  • Gas cooktop and oven installation

  • Gas fireplace repair and maintenance

  • Gas leak detection and safety checks

  • Gas appliance servicing, repair and replacement

  • Gas heater maintenance and replacement

  • Gas line installation, repair and maintenance

  • Gas hot water system installation, repair and maintenance.


When you contact Aqua Blu Plumbing for Gas Fitting, Gas Installation and Gas Leak Repair you can be sure that your residential or commercial property is in safe and professional hands.

For all gas fitting services, please request a booking below and we will get in touch with you to discuss your request as soon as possible.

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Providing Quality Gas Fitting Services to Commercial & Residential Clients in Melbourne 

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