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Water & Gas Pipes


Water and gas pipe system is an important part of your commercial or residential property. However as your system ages, damages like bursts, leaks and rusting is bound to happen.


Water Pipe Installation and Repair

Delaying a water pipe repair can lead to costly damages to your property such as mould build up, weakening of your building’s foundations, paint peeling off the walls, foul smell and much more.


Unlike other plumbing fixtures, water pipes are working round the clock and are thus under constant pressure to deliver. At Aqua Blu Plumbing, you can trust our licensed and experienced team of plumbers to repair your water pipes or install new one, quickly and with minimum hassle to your household or office.


Our Water Pipe Services include:

  • Water Leak Detection and Repair

  • Water Pipe Inspection

  • Re-piping Water Lines

  • Retrofitting Water Pipes

  • Laying Entire Water Pipe System


Gas Pipe Installation and Repair

Whether you need gas installation for a new home, remodelling your existing one or simply adding a new gas appliance that needs a gas pipe connection, as a vital part of any home or business, laying gas pipe work on your property must be carried out by a licensed gas fitter or highly trained plumber to complete the job safely.


Even a small amount of gas leak can be hazardous for health and can trigger a fire, if comes in contact with a spark. Aqua Blu plumbing can help you will all your gas pipe installation needs including:

  • Accessing your gas pipe system to detect leaks

  • Upgrade your system to handle new appliances

  • Install gas pipes in new construction sites

  • Extend existing gas pipe lines

  • Repair old or damaged gas pipes


At Aqua Blu plumbing we will ensure your water and gas pipe work is in compliance with the local plumbing code and your home is safe from water or gas leaks. 

For all water & gas pipe installation and repair services, please request a booking below and we will get in touch with you to discuss your request as soon as possible.

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Providing Quality Water & Gas Pipe Services to Commercial & Residential Clients in Melbourne 

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